Mazda Crushed All Cougar Ace Cars

What a pity these vehicles had this as a fate.

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Crazy StuntBike Tricks

Crazy Stunt Bike Video and more…

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Green Crude: Fuel of the future?

Move over biodiesel and watch out ethanol, there’s a new biofuel on the block. California-based Sapphire Energy has announced that it has created a process that nets ASTM certified 91-octane gasoline from little more than algae, sunlight and waste water.

While several other companies produce bio-fuel in a similar fashion, Sapphire’s process is a unique technique […]

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Montreal – A History of Riots ?

Well It seems that Montrealers are at it again. After the Game 7 win against the Boston Bruins, the downtown core was once again littered with burning cars and looting from businesses.

There are questions that need answers. Such as:

1. Where these rioters even at the Hockey Game?

2. Do these rioters have any class or respect?

3. […]

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