Are you tired of paying UPS ridiculous fees for the customs clearance ? If you are this guide is for you.

Before I start telling you how, let me show you how UPS charges for their services:


But wait, there are more hidden charges:


Ridiculous you say ??

Very. So what Can you do?

Option 1:

The first option you have is to get the tracking number when it does get shipped and call UPS.

There phone number is 1-800-Pick-UPS

When you reach a customer service agent, give them your tracking number and tell the you want to clear your own package. They will ask you for a phone number and your name, and someone will call you when the paperwork is ready.

What’s next? Well here are the directions to getting to UPS in Lachine:


The blue line indicates if you were coming south on highway 13, and the red line is if you were headed North on highway 13 ( Hickmore exit ).

Once there, just pass the security gate and the pickup counter is located here ( Yellow Star )


Once inside, go to the counter and ask for your paperwork for customs. You will need to go the customs office to clear it yourself. Here are the directions: ( Click on the image to see bigger )


Here is a google maps link with written directions if you wan to print it out.

Once you have arrived to chartier street park in the parking lot shown with the yellow star, cross the little fence and look for the Canadian Flag. That is the entrance to the building where customs offices are, shown with the red star. Their offices are on the second floor.


Just present your paperwork to customs and they will let you know what your duties and taxes to be paid.

After this is done just leave the paperwork with customs if you want UPS to deliver your package the next day, or, you can go back to the UPS warehouse with your paperwork and pick up your package right away.

What if the seller does not want to ship to Canada ? What if it is cheaper to ship to the US ?

Well here is option 2 that I was talking about earlier:

Freeport Forwarding is located in Champlain New York, 20 Minutes from Montreal. Here are their directions:



Just send your package to them and drive down to pick it up and clear your own customs on the way back… They charge $2 per package handling fee, what a savings !!!

Here are the shipping instructions on how to ship to them. If you are using ebay, please create a new address for yourself just like in these instructions:

Instructions for receiving your goods at Freeport Forwarding
Please read carefully, follow exactly, and call us (518) 298-8582, if you have any questions. When ordering goods or receiving mail from a U.S. location, the receivers name (you) must appear in the address on the outside of the parcel or envelope as if the item were to be received by you. This is the most frequent reason for lost or non-traceable items.

DO NOT address the parcel or letter to Freeport Forwarding as we will not know who the item belongs to. When this occurs it will be necessary for us to open packages to determine ownership. If possible, ask the shipper (the person sending the parcel to you) to include your phone number on the address label.


Your name is Jean Legault and you live in Montreal, Qc. and your daytime phone number is 514-932-0000, and you have purchased an item on eBay (or anywhere else) and wish to have it sent to us in New York. The shipping label or envelope should appear as follows:

Jean Legault
1320 State Rt 9
Champlain, NY 12919

Simple Enough?? I though so.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little guide and hopefully it will save you some money.