Facebook Made a Hero out of Adam Guerbuez

Okay, we’ve all heard about him by now. “The 873 Million Dollar Man,” otherwise known as Adam Guerbuez, the Montreal computer whiz and self-confessed internet marketer who was found to have sent millions of unwanted and uninvited solicitations to Facebook users for everything from erectile dysfunction and penis enlargements to marijuana products.

Facebook took him to […]

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Amazing Old Man

If you want to be inspired then take a look at this:

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Oh yeah, F1

Formula Fever is starting. This is going to be another sick event…

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How To Spot Fake USB or Flash Drives and What to do !

A very high percentage of all 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and now 16GB, 32GB, 64GB  USB Flash Drives listed on eBay are counterfeit items and have fake & overstated capacities. No Name 16GB to 128GB USB Flash Drives are mostly FAKE!

They were reprogrammed from much smaller cousins 512MB, 1GB, 2GB capacity drives for quick profit!

Don’t be foolish thinking you got a CHEAP 4GB / 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB deal, in fact you were paying for a VERY EXPENSIVE 1GB / 2GB hacked sticks. The sellers are laughing their way to the bank!

Most of the well-known branded counterfeits even have brand new packaging, serial numbers like the real McCoy.

How to tell if your USB drive is counterfeit and has fake oversize capacity?

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